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We envision an environment where computational best practices, innovative solutions, and expert knowledge combine to build advanced tools for research and scholarship, and enable new discoveries and empowering collaborations.


Research computing is a critical resource for modern research universities and is essential for research, scholarship, teaching, and creativity across all disciplines. Our mission is to provide the scientific and technical computing expertise required to advance computational research and support Brown’s academic mission.


The Technology Center for Advanced Scientific Computing and Visualization (TCASCV) was established in 1999 with an award from the 1997 NSF MRI program, with additional support from Brown University and equipment donations from IBM. In 2006, a more formal academic Center for Computation and Visualization (CCV) was formed to replace TCASCV, and Prof. Jan Hesthaven was named as its founding Director. In August of 2009, Brown, in partnership with IBM, installed a new high-performance computing and data storage platform with a peak performance of 14 teraflops and disk capacity of 400 terabytes. Today Brown’s HPC cluster consists of over 500 terabytes of disk capacity, 570 nodes comprising 7632 cores (and 334,336 GPU cores) with a peak performance of over 125 TFLOPs (and 540 TFLOPS from GPUs).