CIS Computing & Information Services


XSEDE is an NSF-funded, nation-wide collection of supercomputing systems that are available to researchers through merit-based allocations. It replaces what used to be called the TeraGrid.

A user may apply for one of the following allocation types:

  • Startup: The fastest way to get started on XSEDE, Startup allocations require minimum documentation, are reviewed all year long, and are valid for one year.
  • Education: Also lasting one year, an Education allocation provides time for academic or training classes.
  • Research: Research allocation requests are reviewed quarterly and require more formal documentation. Research allocations will be granted for one year and may be renewed or extended.

In addition, Brown is a member of the XSEDE Campus Champions program, which gives us a small allocation on each of the XSEDE machines. If you would like help getting started with XSEDE, or would like to discuss efficient use of resources please contact

Globus can be used to transfer files between Oscar and XSEDE machines. The Oscar Globus endpoint is brownccv#transfer.