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10/3/17 Computer Visualizations bring new perspective to science Brown University Communications YouTube Video
9/20/17 Students learn history using virtual reality article by Kendrick Tan, Brown Daily Herald
7/21/2017 RIEPSCoR CCV/RISD Workshop on Experimental Visualization Platforms
6/8/2017 Rhode Island's Gaspee Revolt Becoming Virtual Reality Game article by Associated Press in The New York Times
6/7/17 The Burning of the Gaspee speech by Senator Whitehouse (RI) on the floor of the U.S. Senate
5/24/2017 Virtual reality kindles a new way to learn article by Alisa Alering at
5/24/2017 From Medicine To Mars: Virtual Reality And The Future Of Data Visualization article by Leif Walcutt in
4/17/17 Assay of nearly 5,000 mutations reveals roots of genetic splicing errors, \ article by David Orenstein in News from Brown
3/13-10/17/2017 CCV Workshops Spring 2017
2/22/17 Drawing life at its start, cell by cell article Hyacinth Empinado in STAT February 2017 Sketching the Beginnings of Life, One Cell at a Time reprint in Scientific American including a video
2/10/17 Earth’s orbital variations and sea ice synch glacial periods, article by Kevin Stacey in News from Brown
1/20/17 How We Move, article in Brown Alumni Magazine Jan/Feb 2017 by Louise Sloan and David Orenstein video
11/30/16 Brown’s influential biomechanics X-ray technology grows ever more powerful article by David Orenstein in News from Brown
11/17/16 RIVR (Rhode Island Virtual Reality) Meetup at CCV's YURT RIVR Meetup page
9/26-10/17/2016 CCV Workshops 2016
9/20/16 Validation of XMALab software for marker-based XROMM paper by CCV staff member Ben Knörlein et al. (including Prof. Beth Brainerd) in the Journal of Experimental Biology.
9/2/16 Graduate Resource Fair Sayles Hall
8/21/16 Inside Brown's Virtual Reality 'cave' article by Channing Gray in the Providence Journal video
8/5/16 Brown CIS Summer interns create 3D virtual paintings & sculptures in the CCV YURT.
7/21/16 World’s most sensitive dark matter detector completes search, article by Kevin Stacey in News from Brown
7/18/16 Brown University scientist Rick Gaitskell seeks to illuminate dark matter article by G. Wayne Miller for The Providence Journal July 18, 2016.
7/21/16 Meeting of the minds leads to brain science technology venture, article by David Orenstein in News from Brown
7/6/16 Astrophysicist Rick Gaitskell discusses his long quest to detect the elusive dark matter video by G. Wayne Miller for The Providence Journal July 6, 2016.
6/20/16 Achieving Virtual Reality through the YURT article in the eCURRENT Summer 2016, pp. 10-13.
6/8/16 Brown University Names Adam Blumenthal Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence article in June 8, 2016
5/20/16 The Next Frontier by Phoebe Hall for Brown Medicine Spring 2016
5/17/16 Challenges to Virtual Reality CCV hosted Special Interest Group at Internet2 Meetings in Chicago
5/12/16 Undergrad Charts Own Path in Scientific Quest by Amy Dunkle for RI NSF EPSCoR
4/14/16 Rhode Island EPSCoR Research Symposium
4/8/16 National Science Foundation director visits Brown by Kevin Stacey in News from Brown
4/8/16 Virtual Reality in the Brown University YURT by Tom Sgouros at NVIDIA GTC
2/1/16 Computer Vision Cracks Leaf Code co-authored by Thomas Serre in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
12/18/15 A 3D World Illuminates by Jenny Currier in Motif Magazine
12/14/15 World’s most sensitive dark matter detector gets better: New Results from LUX by Kevin Stacey in News from Brown
12/3/15 Virtual reality room facilitates new research by Jackson Chaiken in The Brown Daily Herald
12/1/15 Brown’s new VR display aids scientific, artistic exploration by Kevin Stacey in News from Brown
11/15 Brown in the Third Dimension by Claire Flanagan in East Side Monthly
11/19/15 3D Slicer Workshop at Brown Faculty: Sonia Pujol, Ph.D., Instructor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School, and research scientist at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
10/16/15 "4850 Feet Below: The Hunt for Dark Matter" Luke Groskin documentary in Science Friday featuring Physicist Richard Gaitskell
10/14/15 "Phylogenomic Analyses Support Traditional Relationships within Cnidaria," article published by Casey Dunn Lab providing "a historical framework for studying the evolutionary processes involved in one of the most ancient animal radiations."
9/22/15 AASTU Delegation from Addis Ababa visits CCV
9/15/15 CCV Workshops Fall 2015
9/4/15 Graduate Student Resource Fair, Sayles Hall
9/1/15 "Motion studies: See how they run" article/video in Nature featuring Elizabeth Brainerd
8/23/15 "Elements" Radiolab podcast featuring Rick Gaitskell on Dark Matter
8/13/15 "Light show lures prey" item in Research Highlights in Nature featuring Casey Dunn
8/12/15 "XROMM puts biomechanics on the fast track" article/video in Science Nation by the National Science Foundation
8/6/15 CCV Workshop at URI
7/28/15 "Behold! A new record for the world's highest melting point" article in the Washington Post
7/27/15 "Researchers predict material with record-setting melting point" article by Kevin Stacey in News from Brown
6/19/15 "Brown University unveils 3D virtual-reality room" article in the Boston Globe
6/17/15 Providence Geeks hold their monthly meeting at the CCV and experience the YURT
5/20-21/15 Visualization and Creativity in Immersive 3D Environments -- from Cave to YURT
5/15/15 "Crunch Time" article in the The Current highlighting the CCV, pp. 22-23.
5/4-5/15 XSEDE Opportunities: Parallel Computing on Stampede 4/29/15 Internet2 Collaboration Special Interest Group Wiki 4/14/15 Dell Presentation: HPC Offerings by Dell reps in the CCV at 180 George St.