CIS Computing & Information Services

NSF MRI Grant: Dev. of Next-Gen Interactive VR Display Environment

PI, David Laidlaw, Professor, Computer Science
Co-PIs: Jan Hesthaven, Professor, Applied Mathematics and Director of CCV
Andy van Dam, Professor, Computer Science
George Karniadakis, Professor, Applied Mathematics

The proposed instrument will be used primarily for research involving visualization of scientific data, but will also enhance through use in academic courses and projects in the arts that depend on immersive environments. The investigators in the scientific visualization projects will investigate new models and hypotheses, develop working prototypes of new visualization and interaction methods, evaluate the prototypes, and apply them to their scientific problems.

Many scientists are overwhelmed by the data-analysis task. These scientists work complex data consisting of massive amounts of scalar, vector, tensor, and higher-dimensional data; intricate 3D spatial relationship between features; time varying data; and combinations of these and other attributes. Some systems biologists also work with huge information data sets. While automated data analysis of these kinds of data is a long-term vision, scientists will rely on interactive visualization tools to analyze data from experiments for the foreseeable future.