CIS Computing & Information Services

DoD Grant: PTSD

Roy K. Aaron M.D., Professor of Orthopaedics, Bio Med Orthopaedics
Andy van Dam, Professor, Computer Science

The intent of this project is to extend technology to allow a more systematic evaluation of patient response to stimuli in the virtual environment, and to enable new treatment modality (e.g., group therapy). It will enable a more evidence-based design of treatment protocols, potentially lowering costs, increasing efficacy and improving the quality of life for many veterans and otherwise disabling post-traumatic psychological illness. Since the virtual environments used in the development are specifically designed with warfighter stress scenarios, the work is clearly related to a mandate to improve the care and outcome for veterans with limb trauma and the common secondary presentation of PTSD. Ultimately, the goal is understanding the potential benefits of varied technology well enough to design VR display environments, or new HMD's, that optimize the cost-benefit for VRET assessment and treatment.