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Ben Knörlein, CCV Application Scientist, on the R/V Falkor on a research expedition to collect plankton that will be visualized in the YURT.

photos courtesy of Schmidt Ocean Institute; drawing by Kirsten Carlson,, Artist-at-Sea, Sea2Space Particle Investigation, Schmidt Ocean Institute,

Research Vessel Falkor

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RI STAC: Bringing Planktonic Holograms to Life Melissa Omand (URI/GSO) and Tom Sgouros (Brown/CCV) The Holoyurt project will further the identification and analysis of phytoplankton using a laser-holographic microscope. We are developing a method of estimating the carbon content of the suspended phytoplankton in the water, something that is only possible now through laborious chemical analysis of water samples. Ben Knorlein, a CCV visualization scientist, will accompany Professor Melissa Omand on a four-week Pacific expedition on the Research Vessel Falkor in January to fine-tune the software. more about the YURT