CIS Computing & Information Services


CCV Seed Funding

The Director of CCV has, at his discretion, a small internal research seed fund to directly support and enable the use of CCV facilities. The purpose of the seed fund is to offset the initial cost of using the CCV facilities and enable initial exploratory work and development of efforts utilizing CCV facilities, e.g., large scale computing efforts using the HPC clusters, manipulation and analysis of large datasets, use of the immersive Cave or PowerWall visualization facilities, etc.

The seed fund, following approval of a brief proposal, supports the use of the CCV facilities for up to 12 months with the expectation that alternative sources of funding will be sought subsequently to continue the effort.

For details on application procedure and requirements for the proposal, please contact the Executive Director of CCV, (

For additional funding opportunities, check the Internal Funding Opportunities on the Office of the Vice President for Research website.