CIS Computing & Information Services

How to connect

CCV offers three methods for connecting to its computational and storage systems:

RData Mounts

On-campus network only.

Mount your RData storage directory as a local drive using the CIFS protocol. Then you can drag and drop files to transfer them between your local computer and your RData directory.

Secure Shell (SSH)

World accessible.

This is a secure protocol for establishing a command-line connection to CCV systems, which are accessed through a single login portal called

SSH clients are normally installed by default on Linux, Mac OS X and other Unix-like systems. For Windows, we recommend PuTTY.

Graphical Client (VNC)

World accessible.

CCV distributes its own Virtual Network Computing (VNC) client that allow users to connect remotely to a graphical desktop environment running on our systems.

Note: please do not run computations or simulations on the login nodes, because they are shared with other users. You can use the login nodes to compile your code, manage files, and launch jobs on the compute nodes.