CIS Computing & Information Services

Student YURT Projects

The following are potential projects CCV is interested in pursuing through student help this semester. If you are interested, please contact for more information:

  • Porting CAVE APIs - There are a collection of virtual reality API libraries available that should be ported into the YURT. This will give YURT users access to a tremendous number of already-available virtual reality applications. These include CalVR and plugins at as well as VRJuggler.

  • Time Varying Volumes - The technology exists at Rhode Island Hospital to take time-varying CT scans for short bursts of time. Typically this is used to get 10-20 “frames” of data, covering one or two cycles of a beating heart, for example. There is existing code to display the density fields produced by a CT scan. Converting that existing application to accommodate time-varying data would allow us to view this “4D” data in the YURT: a virtual reality image of a beating heart.

  • Brown in the Cave - Using Blender, students will help build a virtual model of the entire Brown Campus that can be used in the YURT, on the desktop, and other projects. Interested students should already know the basics of 3D modeling, texturing and scene building.

  • Virtual Planetary Exploration - Display and analysis of Martian geography continues to be one of the core YURT science data analysis functions. We can expand that capacity tremendously by converting the existing geography-display code to be a general-purpose application, able to display geography from a wider array of sources. This would also include improving the user interface, so the display can be readily controlled, switched, moved, and colored by the user in the YURT.

  • Other potential projects include improvements to the existing 3D game engine (Blender), display of live Kinect data within the YURT, and improvements to the 3D movie viewer.