CIS Computing & Information Services

Software Requests

If you have a software application that you would like to use on Oscar, our support staff may be able to install it for you.

First, please check if it is already installed in the modules system on Oscar by using the module avail command.
If you don't have access to the system yet, check this page for the most recent listing.

If it is not already available, send a support ticket to with as much information as you can provide about how to install the software, including an URL where it can be downloaded. We can install most open-source scientific software packages. The most common exceptions are:

  • Commercially licensed software. CCV does not have funds to purchase licenses. Some software is licensed by CIS and may be usable on Oscar (see Brown's Software Distribution for a list of software licensed by CIS).
  • Software with poorly documented install procedures, broken build systems, or missing or outdated support for our 64-bit Linux platform.