CIS Computing & Information Services

Overview of CCV Resources

The Center for Computation and Visualization provides high-performance computing and visualization services to the Brown community.

Faculty members, researchers, and students turn to CCV when they need to:

  • hire application scientists into their grant-funded research
  • consult with HPC application specialists to optimize their code
  • integrate externally funded hardware into an on-campus data center.
  • take advantage of optimized numerical libraries and scientific applications
  • run, test or debug parallel or compute-intensive algorithms and applications
  • produce, store, backup, analyze or visualize large datasets
  • transfer and share data at high bandwidths through a parallel file system
  • access computing systems with specialized hardware, such as large memories or GPU co-accelerators
  • use Unix/Linux systems to run complex applications and scripting tasks

Scientific Computing Support

CCV has on staff Ph.D. level application scientists who can assist researchers with their work. For grant funded research, our application scientists can be written into grants or paid from grants. While our specialities may vary over time, our scientists support any field of research where appropriate. Our scientists and application specialists also offer ad hoc and short term support for improving code, user interfaces, or experimental design.

High-Performance Computing

CCV maintains over 8000 cores amongst 450 HPC nodes, additional large 512 GB memory nodes, and NVIDIA GPU nodes. The storage backend is a 400+ TB file system connected via a 40 Gigabit per second Infiniband network. Aggregate RAM is over 34 TB and peak performance is over 125 Teraflops.

RData is the storage for the research data attached to CCV systems. This is a high performance GPFS parallel filesystem consisting of tiered storage hard drives and SSD drives. Each faculty member and PI is receives a research data storage allocation of 256 Gigabytes on CCV's GPFS file system. This storage is available via CIFS access from anywhere on campus. Additional research data storage is available for purchase.

Software installed on the CCV filesystem consists of over 500 packages. New compatible packages are installed on request. Commercial packages can also be installed.


The YURT is our 360 degree immersive virtual reality theater at 180 George. It has a 138 megapixel display surface. The CAVE I is our four wall virtual 3D environment available for instructional and research applications in the Granoff Center. We also provide application support and install 3D display units for departments throughout the university.