CIS Computing & Information Services


The Cave

CCV's original fully immersive display system is a Tan "vr-Cube", which we call the Cave (CAVE is an acronym for "Cave Automatic Virtual Environment" which is now trademarked by FakeSpace Systems, Inc.).

The Cave is an 8' cube with projected images on the front, left and right walls, as well as the floor. CrystalEyes LCD-shutter glasses provide stereo depth-perception, and a variety of Intersense and Polhemus tracking devices allow software to track the position of a user's hand, head, wand, etc. The Cave also has a multi-speaker sound system that provides positional audio.

This system is provided as a resource that all researchers and educators at Brown can use. Some existing software that can be used in the system currently include volume visualization, molecular visualization, and simple 3d model manipulation. New projects can be initiated through consultation with CCV visualization staff.