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Of CAVEs and YURTs

for more details about the YURT see the visualization page

Computer Visualizations bring new perspective to science Brown University Communications Oct 3, 2017
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RISD Nature Lab/CCV RIEPSCoR Workshop 8/1/17 Writing in 3D: John Cayley case study
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3D visualization of plankton
project description
ccv video
Rhode Island's Gaspee Revolt Becoming Virtual Reality Game article by Associated Press in The New York Times
Ben's real-time visualization aboard the R/V Falkor
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Sketching the Beginnings of Life, One Cell at a Time
YouTube Video by STAT magazine

Virtual Reality for place-based learning: Adam Blumenthal case study
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VR for Archaeology Research: Laurel Bestock case study
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Inside Brown's Virtual Reality 'cave' article by Channing Gray in the Providence Journal 8/21/16.
Providence Journal video
Welcome to the YURT: Brown's Virtual Reality tool
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Brown CIS Summer interns create 3D virtual paintings & sculptures in the CCV YURT
4K version
CCV summer intern Michael Perez explains his modeling project for the YURT
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CCV visualization scientist Ben Knorlein demonstrates 3D geometry. (links to pdf of photos from Boston Globe article) Minecraft--in 3D! (links to video)
CCV visualization scientist Ben Knorlein adjusts the configuration of the 360 degree projector display. Real people, virtual room
Tom Sgouros points out features of the virtual 3D display Box o' Socks
Professor David Laidlaw speaks at the Providence Geeks Monthly Meeting in the CCV Providence Geeks members experience the Lunar Lander in the YURT at the CCV
YURT Manual Scott Collins (Lifespan, RIH) manipulates a 3D model to explain the atrial appendage lariat procedure
No Shoes, Yes Socks Charge Your Glasses!
Tiled Video Wall Biochemistry class examines virtual protein in CAVE