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CCV's state of the art virtual reality theater displays over 100 million stereo pixels and consists of 69 full HD projectors driven by 20 nodes of the CCV HPC cluster. The projectors display onto 145 mirrors covering a 360 degree surface including overhead and underfoot. At normal viewing distances, the pixels are smaller than are resolvable by the human retina. The screen consists of translucent polycarbonate. The front wall is 25 feet long and 8 feet high and spans 180 degrees of view. The screens are suspended, along with half of the projectors, from an aluminum superstructure, with a catwalk for maintenance.

The blending and warping that create one image from many projectors is proprietary, from the Scalable Display company, but this library has been licensed to be incorporated into many different applications and software libraries. Many of the applications that run in the YURT use vrg3d, a virtual reality graphics package developed and maintained in the Computer Science department. Other scientific and analysis packages have already been successfully incorporated into the YURT, including Blender, a popular open-source 3D modeling game engine, and Paraview, a widely-used scientific graphics and analysis package. These open up the YURT to use by a large body of users of these packages.

We are looking for projects to take advantage of this unique technological including both for teaching and for research. For further information contact the CCV at

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